Amsterdam, a city known for its picturesque canals and vibrant culture, is undergoing some significant changes in its parking policies starting July 3, 2023. The growing population and increased urbanization have put immense pressure on public spaces, making it necessary for the city to revise its parking regulations. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the changes taking place, from increased street parking rates to modifications in permit policies.

Street Parking Rates on the Rise:

  • Hourly rates for on-street parking will see an increase ranging from €0.20 to €0.50.
  • The highest rate in parts of the city center will remain at €7.50 per hour

Extended Hours for Visitor Parking Permits:

  • The number of hours for the parking permit for your visitors will increase from 120 hours to 150 hours per quarter.
  • Discount percentages for visitor parking permits in various neighborhoods will be adjusted, with most areas offering a 65 percent discount.
  • Some exceptions include Geuzenveld (100 percent discount), Centrum 1 and 2 (no parking permit for your visit), and Center 3 and 4 (35 percent discount).

Expanded Paid Parking Hours:

  • Paid parking in the Center district will now be 24/7.
  • Paid parking on Sundays will be introduced for the Eastern Islands.
  • In nine neighborhoods within the city ring, paid parking hours will extend until midnight.
  • Kolenkitbuurt’s paid parking end time will be pushed from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
  • Buitenveldert and the Zuidas will also implement paid parking on Saturdays.
  • Additionally, three blue zones in Buitenveldert will allow parking for a maximum of 1 hour on Saturdays.

Increased Permit Rates in Districts within the A10 Ring:

  • Parking permit rates in city districts within the A10 ring will be revised to establish only two rates in the Center, South, West, and East districts.
  • Rates for residents in several areas will increase, including Bos en Lommer, De Baarsjes, Rivierenbuurt, and more.
  • Rates in the center will also see a slight increase.
  • The Kolenkitbuurt’s permit rate will be reduced to match that of Slotervaart.
  • Rates will remain unchanged in Westerpark, Oud-West, De Pijp, and De Oostelijke Eilanden, while those in Nieuw-West, Zuidoost, and Noord will be indexed.

    Source: municipality of Amsterdam’s website

    Source: municipality of Amsterdam’s website

Abolishment of Weekly and Monthly Tickets:

  • Starting July 3 2023, weekly and monthly parking tickets will no longer be available.
  • This change means there will be no discounts for long-term on-street parking in Amsterdam.
  • However, the day ticket and the business annual parking card will still be accessible.


Amsterdam’s new parking policies, effective from July 3, 2023, aim to address the challenges posed by the city’s rapid growth and increasing demand for public space. While some changes may lead to adjustments in parking habits, it is essential for residents and visitors to be aware of these modifications to avoid any surprises when parking in the Dutch capital. Stay informed and adapt to these changes as Amsterdam continues to evolve and accommodate its growing population.

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